Is your restaurant using digital menus?

Is your restaurant using digital menus?

Do You Have Digital Menus In Your Restaurant?


Are you still printing menus for your restaurant? If so, it's time to join the digital revolution.

You might be thinking: "Digital menus are only for small, trendy restaurants that are trying to be cool." That's not true! Even some of the most established restaurants in town are using digital menus these days. For example, my favorite local steakhouse has been using one since they opened their doors 30 years ago!

Digital menus are easy to update.

Digital menus are easily updated. Better yet, they can be updated instantly. You no longer have to wait for a new batch of printed menus to arrive or reprint a whole menu because you want to change something on it. For example, if you want to add a new type of pasta salad or salad dressing, there’s no need for labor-intensive reprints and distribution. You simply update your digital menu once in the morning, and then everyone who orders from it will see that item with the current price and description instantly. As an added bonus, since most digital menu systems have some sort of pricing feature built-in, you can easily change prices on individual items without having to adjust each one individually by hand—this is especially useful if one day your lamb chops are $21 per pound but next week they increase by 10% due to higher demand!

Digital menus are easier on the environment.

Digital menus are easier on the environment.

By switching to digital menus, you can reduce your restaurant’s waste by eliminating the printing, storing, and distributing of paper menus. You can also save time by no longer needing to reprint when prices change or seasonal menu items come and go. In addition to this, digital menu software can connect with a POS system so that orders get placed directly from guests’ tablets or phones at their table—rather than having waiters do it for them—saving money and eliminating the need for extra staff members at peak times.

Digital menus can help you promote other items and specials.

Digital menus can help you promote other items and specials.

Even though most restaurants are moving to digital menus, there are some that still use paper menus. However, these days more and more restaurateurs have started to use digital menus in their restaurants and bars. This is because they have several benefits over traditional paper one. One of the main reasons why people are moving towards digital menu boards is because it helps them save money on printing costs as well as time spent preparing and designing a printable version of their menu before putting it up for display.

Digital menus are more eye-catching.

Digital menus are more colorful: There’s no denying it—digital menus are bright, bold, and more eye-catching than paper ones. In fact, one study found that digital menus are 40% more effective at attracting attention than their print counterparts. That’s a huge difference!

Digital menus are easier to read: A study by the Nielsen Norman Group found that people were able to read digital text faster and more accurately than printed text. In addition, another study from Roffey Park Hospital showed that reading from an iPad was easier on the eyes (even for those with impaired vision) due to its larger size and higher resolution than paper documents/forms.

Digital menus can be more engaging: Adding video or animations to your menu can make it much more visually appealing and fun for customers, who will likely enjoy having something different when they order their food or drinks at your establishment.

Digital menus help your staff.

Digital menus are easy to update. You can add new items, change prices, or remove items from the menu in seconds. This makes it easy for you to update your menu based on what’s seasonal or what’s popular with your customers.

Digital menus are more eye-catching than paper menus. Customers love to be able to scroll through a digital menu and see pictures of their favorite dishes right on the screen at their table! They also love being able to zoom into an image and read more about each dish without having to ask a server for more details.

Digital menus help promote other items and specials featured in your restaurant without requiring extra paper space on the traditional printed menu that often gets left behind after each guest leaves with only one or two pages remaining (at best).

Ask yourself if you're ready to join the digital revolution.

There are tons of reasons to have digital menus, but you need to ask yourself if it's worth the effort. Here's a quick checklist for determining whether or not your restaurant needs to go digital: Mega restaurant menu.

  • Do you want to make your menu more user-friendly? Digital menus eliminate the hassle of paper menus, as well as the waste created by them. Employees won't have to carry around stacks of papers, and customers can browse their options on their phones or tablets in less time than it takes to flip through a physical menu.

  • Are you concerned about environmental friendliness? Going digital means eliminating paper waste completely—no more printing off new sets every season! Additionally, if all your menus are stored digitally, they're easily updatable without having to print anything out at all. This is great news for both restaurants that want an environmentally friendly approach and those that want something that looks fresh and modern without having to change things up too much from year-to-year (or even month to month).

  • Is your restaurant trying new things with its design? If so, then digital menus might be right up your alley! You'll never run out of room when designing online versions because there isn't any physical space limitation; instead, you'll only be limited by creativity (and maybe some technical limitations—but we'll get into those later).


When you're ready to make the switch from paper menus to digital menus, let us help! We offer a wide range of services to restaurants and other establishments across the country. Our team is made up of experts in this field, so trust us when we say that we can handle everything from design to implementation for your business.