About Us

Digital Mega Menu contactless QR menu maker/Digital Mega Menu QR code instant ordering system was created to provide simplicity in your restaurant, bar, café, cafeteria, pizzeria, hotels and other types of business. The system will not only save time but also increase the number of customers because of its practicality and user-friendly interface. Digital Mega Menu is a QR menu that can be viewed on any smart phone device by using only your mobile phone's camera app. 

With Mega Restaurant Menu, you can easily create a menu in seconds and place orders with just a few clicks. It is recognized as an indispensable assistant for restaurant or bar business owners who want to save time while providing their customers with good service. It all started with my partner Milan Martinović's dream, as we are both fond of foodie culture and enjoy every moment of our lives eating delicious food from different cultures around the world. 

Milan combined his experience in the IT business with my knowledge of the restaurant industry, and we decided to bring our ideas to life. We've invested so much time, effort, money, and love into this idea that we were sure there had to be people out there who would find it useful too, so we've made it happen! Nowadays, the digital world has become more present than ever before.

Advantages for Restaurants

Offer your customers the ability to order via WhatsApp.

All they need is their WhatsApp app to receive orders..

Offer a hygienic, cutting-edge way for visitors to view your menu. Up to 100 hands can touch a regular print menu each day.

The paper menu is quickly degrading. They must, therefore, reprint. The QR card or sticker is covered by the Digital Mega Menu and can stay much longer.

If they are using a printed menu, they must reprint it or add a new sheet of paper if there are any new meals. They only need to visit the website to update the menu with the Digital Mega Menu.

environmentally friendly. 1 tree represents one large restaurant menu. 

The menu of a restaurant can be shared online. According to OpenTable research, 86% of customers regularly look at menus online before dining out. 

Advantages for clients

A super-clean remedy. They simply scan the QR code with their mobile phone camera to view the menu. No app is needed, just your phone camera.

They won't handle anything that is handled by 100 different hands in a single day.

Not even a waiter is required to bring the menu.

On larger tables, customers might need to wait for others to finish reading the menu before it is passed to them. No more, everyone can rapidly access the menu using their phones.

A survey found that 20% of the pricing on print menus is out-of-date. They will always view the most recent menu items and prices thanks to the QR menu.

They will be able to see the accurate item price right away. They can choose from a variety of item versions and variant extras.